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Daniele Carmosino’s compositions and scoring-to-picture blend a wealth of hands-on experience with formal music study. As a teen in Genoa he experimented with sampling and Hip-Hop beatmaking. This interest in music led him to study in London (University of Arts, University of Westminster) while also producing Reggae, Urban and Dub scene artists there.

Upon completed his studies, Carmosino won a scholarship and completed a year-long residency in Treviso at Fabrica, the renowned communication research center for young artists founded by Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani. A full-fledged professional career began in Milan, where Carmosino served as house musician, sound designer, and musical consultant at Ferdinando Arnò’s renowned production company and consultancy Quiet, Please!

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From production to soundtrack and scoring.

In 2009 Daniele created Danca, his very own production house and record label. Through Danca he has released dozens of singles via his own Spotify and YouTube profiles, including his two duo projects: Freedust, a funk/soul/electronic sound with Lisa Widmark, and Wild Bounce in which he and Mabreezee tap into Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop, and sounds of the Tropics.

While continuing production work, Daniele has kept busy composing and recording bespoke music and sound design for films, commercials, TV shows and brand events worldwide (Adidas, BMW, Fox, Audi, Bose, Sky, and more). In February 2024 a major project comes to fruition: the reboot of the 2013 video game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Carmosino has creatively reimagined the game’s sonic universe, re-envisioning musical themes of the original as well as composing new music to fit seamlessly alongside the game’s already well-known musical themes.