“Food For Thought” is the 5-song soundtrack for a short film of the same name, including two alternate versions of the final track, “Sprinkling Sugar.”

 Opening with “In The Gloom (Interlude)” we are at once met with an ominous orchestral premonition, brough through to fruition in “The Diner.” Something is amiss, awry, dark and dangerous. “You Annoy Me” arrives in two parts–there is horror on the horizon, the rising of a foreboding energy that reaches its definitive end by the final chord of ‘Part Two.’ At this moment we’re met with the gorgeous vocal performance of Brigitte Emaga in the sweet and sultry 1950s era swing ballad “Sprinkling Sugar.” Simply divine!

Food For Thought

Track list:
1. In the Gloom
2. The Diner
3. You Annoy Me
4. You Annoy Me (Part Two)
5. Sprinkling Sugar
6. Sprinkling Sugar – Instrumental
7. Sprinkling Sugar – Unplugged

By Daniele Carmosino
Released: 2016
Record Label: Danca
Publisher: Danca/Sentric Music