Perfection is a 2021 cinematic album from Daniele Carmosino and Mark Aanderud comprising three tracks plus a piano-only rendition of the title track.

“Perfection” is anticipatory in nature, its brass and piano arrangements hinting toward an excitement yet to come. “Winter Morning” conveys more of a momentous swell amidst a landscape of solace and solitude, concluding with a feeling of arrival. “Moving Skies” could be just that–the progression of clouds, the sun, and finally the moon and stars passing overhead; and all the thoughts that come with the experience: moments of joy, bits of reflection, meditation.


Track list:
1. Perfection
2. Winter Morning
3. Moving Skies
4. Perfection – Solo Piano Version

By Daniele Carmosino
Released: 2021
Record Label: Danca
Publisher: Danca/Sentric Music